Press & Video

From Eggs to Apples | Youtube Series, April 2020

A series of Youtube videos on the food of the ancient world that I made in collaboration with my friend, nutritionist and dietician Fiorella Di Carlo of Fiorella Eats.


Cuisine of Ancient Egypt | History of Egyptian Food, Dining Customs, and Diet
Nerd Nite NYC, September 2017

A presentation about the food of Ancient Egypt that I gave for Nerd Nite NYC, modified from one of my Brooklyn Brainery classes.


Pass the Flamingo: An Interview with Andrew Coletti
Paul Orselli, ExhibiTricks, July 2018

“One of my college professors used to joke that majoring in Classics is like majoring in everything. You get a little bit each of history, language, art history, philosophy, etc. and you learn to be a good writer, which is a skill you can apply anywhere. I try to take some of that well-roundedness that I was encouraged to cultivate in college into the work I do.”



Ancient Romans at Table: A Delicious Discussion with Food Historian and Educator Andrew Coletti
Linda Ann Lo Schiavo, L’idea Magazine, March 2018

“According to Mr. Coletti, guests were expected to bring their own cloth napkin and utensil (a spoon). Before eating, diners rinsed their hands in tableside finger bowls, then used their own napkin to dry off. But the concept of buying a ‘hostess gift’ or BYOB was light years away. ‘The Greeks and later Romans had strong customs of proper hospitality,’ he emphasized. ‘Therefore, it was the host, not the guest, who was expected to provide everything; the guest’s role was to accept the meal and any other gifts with gratitude.'”



Ancient Olympians Ate This Honey Cheesecake as a Post-Workout Snack, and we Have the Recipe
Noël Duan & Elan Kiderman, Quartz, February 2018

“Cato’s cheesecake recipes include a sweet version called savillum and a savory cheesecake called libum, the latter being related to our modern-day word, libations. ‘They were often made as religious offerings,’ Coletti explained…according to Coletti, black poppyseeds were also used as cheesecake toppings. Think of them as ancient sprinkles.”


Moving Gastronomy, February 2018


Ancient Cooking
New York no Asagohan, January 2018

I was featured in a video and writeup for culture website New York no Asagohan talking about my dual interests in Asian and ancient cuisines. This video features my dog (Artemis) taking over the spotlight, some Ancient Greek treats at Brooklyn Brainery, two culinary successes (blame Maangchi) and one failure (blame me).


Korean Grocery Shopping (Parts 1-4)
Maangchi, April 2017

I was one of five fans chosen to follow Korean cooking expert Maangchi on a tour of a huge Korean grocery store (Hannam in Fort Lee, NJ). Here’s Part 1 of the four-part series. Full information with links to all four videos can be found on Maangchi’s website.